Configure Part & Receive Instant Quotes

Select from a Variety of Materials & Manufacturing Methods

  1. The  3-D model is analysed by our Artificial Neural Network platform & an estimated price is provided.
  2. The customer sends a request for formal quote.
  3. Our engineers perform the nescessary manufacturability checks.
  4. The customer receives a formal quote with a link to place the order.

Design on Demand

From 2D Engineering Drawings, Sketches & Images to Production

  1. Describe your project using the online form provided.
  2. Upload your sketch with reference dimensions.
  3. Our engineers will review your request.
  4. A formal quote will be send with a link to place the order.
  5. A link will be provided to download your 3D model.
  6. You can manufacture your model at 3CM and sell your product by creating a vendor acount.
  • Instant manufacturing cost estimations from  3D drawings
  • Fast delivery
  • Lower prices compared to local CNC machine & 3D printing shops
  • Less time to communicate your project requirements and receive price quotes
  • High quality parts delivered with QA/QC documentation as requested
  • 3D printing and 3D printed Wax casting Instant Quotations.
  • Turning your designs and ideas into a product
  • A market place for your creations using the vendor account offered by 3CM
  • Create your own shop and sell your products
  • Receive payments through your paypal acount
  • Sketches & 2D Engineering drawings turned into 3D models
  • Net-30 day payment for existing customers (Conditions Apply)
  • All data and attachments related to Request for Quotes (RFQs) and Sketches submitted for conversion to 3D models are the property of the BUYER. The BUYER is the person or company that created and posted an RFQ.
  • The information in this website is furnished to enable preparation of quotes, engineering review, evaluation, design, quality control and/or receiving inspection only, and represents proprietary information of the BUYER and shall be restricted to those persons having a need to know and neither it nor this document shall be used or disclosed in whole or in part, for any other purpose, without the written permission of the BUYER.
  • We are happy to review and sign your own NDA
  • Register a user account with 3CM
  • Place your first order
  • Receive your parts and apply for a vendor account
  • Setup your shop & sell the manufactured products at your desired price
  • Provide your paypal account and receive commission payments for your products