About 3CM


3CM is an online manufacturing centre that offers high quality products at a fraction of the time and cost. We view ourselves as an R&D driven company who are partners with our customers, our employees and our community.

We recognise that the line between appropriate and excessive supply chain cost-cutting is a fine one. Rather than focusing only on manufacturing cost-reduction, our emphasis is placed on trimming away processes and activities that add no value. Capitalizing on our skill sets in mechanical engineering, data informatics and our in-depth knowledge of high value manufacturing sectors we have developed a platform that works as follows.

How does it work?

  1. The customer uploads a 3-D model which is analysed by our AI platform. Recurring Convolution Neural Networks are used to classify the model and predict a manufacturing price which is returned to the customer within seconds.
  2. The customer sends a request for formal quote. Our engineers check the model and confirm manufacturability and price within an hour. Unlike other online manufacturing platforms, we provide the price instantly but we do not allow the customer to place an order without prior geometry checks.
  3. The price is estimated based on historic production data and by taking into account the live partners’ production capacity which is fed into the AI algorithm every day. Our certified suppliers bid and the job is offered to the one who can provide fast lead time at low cost.
  4. Our engineers track all order steps making sure that the goods are delivered with the necessary QA/QC documentation.
  5. Without quality compromises we achieve lower prices by trimming away labour costs and by utilising a large network of manufacturing partners who under certain circumstances can offer the best possible price in the market for you.
  6. Benefit from economies of scale when ordering large batches.
  7. For our enthusiast friends we have created a platform to sell their products without vendor fees by simply opening a shop through 3CM